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Meet Lonely Brides At Dance Floor

by John Max

I'm actually surprised that I haven't put up a post about this sooner. Why? If you have dance floor game, you'll pull more ass than any pick-up artist out there that doesn't know any. Why is that? Dancing is equated to sexual ability, and most brides like to dance. A woman's sexual temperature is going to be pumped up if she's been spending a lot of time on the dance floor. Let's get straight to it:

Where to go

First off, you need to pick a place that has a formal dance floor, or at least a formal dance area. Why? If you go to a bar or club without a formal dance area, you'll constantly have people running into you. And if you constantly have people running into you, then you won't be dancing very long before either you or the girl get irritated and just stop dancing.

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Second, you need to go to a place that plays hip-hop and top 40 music. All of the hot girls go to these places. Yes, places that play electronic and trance music have hot girls, but it's very difficult to dance sexually to that type of music. That type of music is suited for people who just like to jump around and breakdance by themselves.

Transferring the girl to the dance floor

This is pretty simple. Instead of running game, all you have to do is ask her if she knows how to dance. Tease her if you have to. I do it all the time. She's going to either drag you to the dance floor, or say "yes", at which point you say "let's go dance" and you take her there by the hand. It is common courtesy to ask her friends if they're OK with it first.

Taking her to the dance floor ASAP is the best thing you can do. Why? You save yourself from saying anything stupid while trying to run game, and while on the dance floor, you have to do very little talking to get her in a sexual mood. However, I recommend taking girls to the dance floor later in the night. Why do I recommend this? You'll find out later.

And one other thing, it pays to have boys who can dance. This way, you guys can goof around on the dance floor and pull brides who are already dancing with other groups of brides. You don't want to be that guy dancing by himself. You can't really dance sexually by yourself if you're a guy, so you can pretty much only breakdance. And brides have told me over and over again, that guys who breakdance really aren't sexually attractive.


I'm not going to spend too much time on this one. Either you know how to dance, or you don't. However, if you don't know how to dance, then keep it simple. A girl is willing to look past your dancing ability as long as you aren't going crazy and acting like a dork. Puerto Rico couldn't dance at all, but he still pulled girls on the dance floor by keeping it simple and doing the same two-step over and over.

However, if you do have a little bit of skill, then you're money in the bank. Not only will the girl you're with be all over you, but other brides will be waiting for their chance to dance with you. I don't even know how many times I've been sandwiched or have been pulled one way or another because of the simple fact that I'm a pretty good dancer.

Building up her sexual temperature

This is where I use the 90/10 rule. I don't grope or touch her, but I get close enough for her to feel my energy (90% of the way). This way, you don't come off as a sleazy guy trying to cop a feel. If she's into you and feeling the way that you're moving, she's going to come the other 10% of the way and start grinding against you. From here, it's on.

Going for the make-out

First and foremost, is the eye contact. I always like to establish eye contact when I'm dancing. If she's dancing with you, then you already know that she's into you. Chances are, she's going to be returning your eye contact. If that's the case, all you have to do is initiate small talk while you're dancing.

Chances are, the music is too loud and you're going to have to move in closer so you can hear each other. This means that your lips are going to be very close close to her ear. She's going to be mirroring you and begin talking in your ear.

Right now, her sexual temperature is going to be very high. You're going to keep talking in each other's ear, re-initiating eye contact, and getting closer and more comfortable with one another. Any guy with half a brain can take it from here. I've never been rejected when going in for the make-out on the dance floor. Never.

Pulling her home

Remember when I said it was better for you to approach girls later in the night and ask them to dance? Well, this is because before either of you tire of dancing, the lights from the club will turn on and it'll be time for you to leave the bar.

When her sexual body temperature is pumped up, and you ask her if she wants to come back to your place for whatever, she's going to want to come because she likes you for one, and she's going to be horny as fuck. This is where having boys who are decent dancers pay off.

Oftentimes, Puerto Rico, Snoop-A-Loop, Fedora, and I, would end up dancing with the same group of girls. What does this mean? As a group, they're going to be into you and your friends and they're all more than likely going to be OK with leaving with you.

Puerto Rico and I have pulled soooooooo many girls using the above tactics. At one point in time, every night we went to a dance club, we were bringing girls home.
Every. Single. Night.